Thursday, August 15, 2013

RE: #GO2BRAS "AMY" Cami Bra Black 40DD

RE: #GO2BRAS "AMY" Cami Bra Black 40DD

  • Cami-style bra gives you lots of versatility
  • Made from two laces; sides that do not stretch to offer great support and the middle panel stretches for a custom fit
  • Great support, uplift and containment
  • Non-stretch straps to offer more support and longer life of the bra, lace overlay on front of straps
  • Comfortable underwire support


RE: #GO2BRAS "AMY" Cami Bra Black 40DD

Product By : GO2BRAS

This sexy cami style bra can be shown and no one will know it is your bra. It is a full coverage bra with an embroidered lace giving the appearance under plunging necklines and jacket that you wearing a beautiful cami, without the extra layer.


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